How Single-Use Cards Help You Budget More Effectively

Many Kasheesh customers use our platform for one of two reasons: 

  1. Maximizing points on their credit card purchases
  2. Budgeting their spending more efficiently

In both cases, they quickly realize our single-use digital cards are useful for purchases across the board — not just those big-ticket items. 

Essentially, whether you’re paying for rent and insurance premiums or flights and tech gadgets, it’s helpful and productive to use Kasheesh digital cards. The benefits are twofold: 

  1. You spend your cash more efficiently across the board. 
  2. You’re protected by the single-use credit card numbers we create for your purchases –  After you use a digital card once for a transaction, it’s useless to potential hackers. 

It’s Effortless to Spend Smarter with Kasheesh 

If you’re trying to maximize your purchases, it’s truly easy to use Kasheesh for everything. 

All of your cards are stored in our extension. Instead of manually entering your info for every purchase and figuring out which card to use when, the Kasheesh extension keeps track of everything. No more manual organization needed on your end. 

Every time you go to check out online, just click on the extension to choose which cards you want to pay with and how much money you’re charging to each. 

Maximize your purchases with a minimal amount of effort. 

Budgeting Benefits

You can easily budget better with Kasheesh since all of your accounts are viewable under our single browser extension. We integrate debit into your credit transactions, and vice versa. 

So, instead of maxing out your credit card or emptying out your debit account, you can combine the two and optimize both. You can even add gift cards and save even more on purchases. 

This helps lower the overall APR you’re spending through the credit card while not harming your utilization rate, since you’re no longer maxing out your credit card. (That also means you’re not hurting your credit score!) 

Whatever spending habits you’re trying to build, Kasheesh’s centralized hub for your cards is better for your bank account and personal finances. 

Our customers realize they can actually use Kasheesh to spend their cash more efficiently. And they still get the digital protection of our single-use cards.

How Kasheesh Enables New Types of Budgeting

Online shoppers have been forced to check out with just one card since the dot-com era began. 

When you think about it, that’s strange and limiting. 

In person, you can seamlessly split your purchases between multiple cards, whether you’re in a restaurant or at the counter at Best Buy. Yet, that option was never made available online. 

That’s why Kasheesh wanted to return that practical perk to our customers. 

From where we stand, tons of consumers have unfortunately forgotten that they should have more financial power. They just haven’t been given the tools to spend how they want to. If an option is so easily available in person, why isn’t it there online? 

The rise of “buy now, pay later” has fortunately reminded shoppers that there are alternative financing options in eCom to tailor your payment experience. 

At Kasheesh, we see our customers enjoying how they get to customize their spending. 

You’re the ones making informed, personalized decisions on how to use your money. 

Before Kasheesh, if you didn’t have the cash or credit to pay for something, you were out of luck. Now, you can purchase in a flexible, customizable way. You should personalize how you spend your own money.

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