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Split All Your
Online Purchases

Split your online purchases.
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“Love that I can split transactions across multiple cards.
Does exactly what it says it does.”
That’s what he said! (Thanks Trevor!)
Trevor Hudson
A new way to shop online.
Boost your spending power
Forget about loans. With Kasheesh, you gain the superpower of combining credit cards into one super card. Budget management becomes more flexible, and you can afford more.
You have full control
over each transaction
A one-time virtual card is generated for each transaction, allowing you to combine funds from your multiple cards.
From new kicks to garden gnomes. Split flexibly at over 1M stores.
Works everywhere Mastercard® is accepted.
Forget about
“buy now pay later”
You can afford more than you think!
Whatever you need*
*bills, unexpected expenses, gifts and fads.
With 5 cards at once
No rejections. No credit pulls. No horrendous rates that can ruin your budget.
Within a few seconds
It's as simple as you choosing how much to put on your cards and we do the rest for you.
While building healthy financial habits*
No more signing up for loans that charge hidden fees over several months.
Getting Started!
 Add an extension to the Chrome browser first!
Enter your e-mail address and wait for the invitation.
Split payment for online purchases between your credit and debit cards.
Complete the transaction by paying with the generated one-time Kasheesh card.
What do I need to get started?
To help protect you, we ask for basic information to verify your identity (date of birth, ssn, phone number, and address). After that, you simply log-in like any of your banking apps and you’ll be ready to split payments with the best of them!
Will you check my credit score?
No soft pull. No hard pull. Kasheesh does not require any credit inquiry. We're here to split payments, not to track your last month's expenses.
Where can I pay with Kasheesh?
You can use Kasheesh online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
I have other questions.
Feel free to contact us using the chat icon on the lower right of the page. Or email us at support@kasheesh.co Thank you for trusting Kasheesh!
They already have more power in their spending. What about you?
No baloney. Real reviews only!
"Have used a few times and even returned items I bought and it put the money back on the right credit cards. Soooo cool."
Andrew Gluck
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Let's see how much your budget
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True or false?
You break out in a cold sweat when someone mentions “credit pull”.
What would you do?
You are not sure if the shoes you want to buy will match your clothes.
How many times...
...have you maxed out your cards this year?
True or false?
You have a budget sheet in Excel or use the expenditure management app.
What would you do?
There's a great price on a watch you've been dreaming of for a long time. But you have to go over your credit limit to buy it.
True or false?
You check your card balance almost as often as your Instagram.
How many...
...credit or debit cards do you have in your wallet? (A gift card from Starbucks doesn't count)
Understand Your Spending
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Captain Frugal
You don't know what the loss of control is.
Your superpowers:
Shopping Frenzy
Excel spreadsheets
Credit score
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Game Results
Savvy Shopper
Wow! Your wallet must be huuuge!                      
Your superpowers:
Money flow control
Bargain hunting
Zen of shopping
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Game Results
Sometimes you get carried away.                  
Your superpowers:
Piggy bank
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Game Results
Full-time Shopper
Buying is not a hobby. It's a lifestyle.               
Your superpowers:
Eagle eye
Expenditure control
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