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We're here to help you save more, build your credit score, and maximize rewards.
Check out some of the many ways Kasheesh gives you the freedom and flexibility, while allowing you to develop better buying habits and manage your budget more effectively.
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Buy now pay later
You can afford more because your purchase is divided into smaller payments. Tempting flexibility with the risk of exceeding limits...
Get what you want right away, and pay over time
Credit pulls, hidden fees, and forgettable payments
Credit cards
You gain more financial freedom while building your credit score and collecting reward points. However, it is easy to dig yourself into a hole when your spending gets out of control.
Building credit history
Single payments limit your options
You can afford more and enjoy all the benefits of your credit cards, while learning better spending habits and keeping your budget under control.
Becoming a card master with a stable budget and greater financial capacity
You must have at least 2 cards (credit or debit)
Oh no, is that even
possible these days?! 😂
What is the difference between Kasheesh and Buy Now Pay Later?

Kasheesh consolidates your spending power with what you already have in your wallet, giving consumers the ability to spend flexibly without credit pulls or underwriting loans. Buy Now Pay Later pulls consumer credit history and provides consumers a loan with interest anywhere from 0-30% over a set amount of time. Kasheesh works on any website the consumer wants to use it on, BNPL for the most part needs to be integrated with the retailer. Kasheesh is absolutely free with no hidden fees, BNPL is the exact opposite.

What is the difference between Kasheesh and a credit card?

Kasheesh provides a digital card that’s funded by the consumers’ debit and credit cards. This helps consumers avoid potential fraud if retailer databases are hacked because the digital card assigned is only valid for the specific transaction.

How do I know which method is the best?

Based on billing, balance, and rewards. Choose flexibly and spend what you need how you need to completely up to you.

How can using Kasheesh improve my credit score on several cards?

By spreading payments across multiple cards consumers can lower their utilization rate, which positively impacts credit score. This also allows consumers the opportunity to budget wiser and spread bill payments out in a more manageable way.

I have other questions.

For the best way to get in touch, send us a quick screen recording or audio message here. Or email us at support@kasheesh.co Thank you for trusting Kasheesh!

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