TISA Account Disclosures
Please read these Account Disclosures carefully. These terms apply to your Deposit Account provided by Bangor Savings Bank in connection with Kasheesh. Capitalized terms not defined in these Account Disclosures shall have meanings set forth in the Deposit Account Agreement and Debit Card Agreement.

Account Type: 
☒ Consumer
☐ Commercial
☐ Checking/Transactional Account
☐ Savings
☐ Debit Card
FDIC Insurance
☒ Your Account is eligible for FDIC insurance, up to applicable federal limits, as set forth in your Agreement.
☒ Your Account is a non-interest bearing account. 
Minimum Balance
☒There is no minimum balance to open your Account, maintain your Account, avoid the imposition of fees or obtain the disclosed interest rate and APY.
Transaction Limits
Your Account is subject to all the limitations set forth in your Bangor Savings Bank Deposit Account Agreement (“Deposit Account Agreement”), Bangor Savings Bank Debit Card Agreement (“Debit Card Agreement”) and any other agreement between you and us.  In addition, the following transaction limits apply: 
Limit Amount
Debit Card Transaction Limit $15,000
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Debit Card Transaction Limit (including ATM transactions). $15,000 Daily