The Undiscovered Benefits of a Single-Use Digital Card

The truth is, we’ve all been using digital cards for a long time now. 

Whenever you pull up Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone, you’re actually paying with a digital card. It’s linked to your physical card and bank account, but neither of those physical assets are being used for your transactions. 

When you use Kasheesh, we’re not adding some digital layer that you’ve never seen before. 

Our single-use digital cards provide alias credit card numbers for your account so you can use them once for a purchase — and the merchant will never know your actual credit card info. 

That’s a big deal in terms of both fraud protection and flexibility. 

1. Fraud Protection

After you make one purchase with the digital card on a website, it’s rendered useless. 

For example, let’s say you bought a new TV at Best Buy. If Best Buy’s database was hacked a week later, the digital card on file in their database would be totally useless to the hacker. They wouldn’t be able to use your info to make other purchases. 

The protection your actual credit card receives is twofold: 

Not only does the merchant not have your true info, the digital card also entirely protects against hackers and database breaches. 

2. Flexibility

This is a relief for customers because major hacks are absolute headaches for cardholders. 

When Wells Fargo was hacked years ago, millions of debit and credit cards were released to the public. People had to wait for their new cards to come in the mail — essentially pausing all purchases on that account — while their old ones were still being hit. 

With the increase in online shopping since COVID began, hacking has only increased. 

Anyone looking for an extra layer of protection against fraud should look to single-use cards. 

If a hacker tries taking that single-use Kasheesh card for other transactions, it doesn't work. It's rendered completely useless for fraudulent purchases.”

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