The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Credit Card Rewards
With Kasheesh, since you're consolidating your cards under one roof, you get the benefits of all of them at once rather than one vs. the other. That’s huge for protecting consumer items and getting insurance on purchases.

When we were designing Kasheesh, we discovered tons of credit tricks that we had no idea existed. Now, we know that those tips are crucial — so we’ve built them into our product.

1. How to Spend Strategically

One of the biggest tips has to do with maxing out rewards. You can hit a monthly rewards limit on each of your cards. They don’t provide unlimited points forever. 

Before using Kasheesh, many of our customers assumed their main card was racking up rewards with every purchase. But that’s just not the case. 

Now, you can monitor all of their transactions through the Kasheesh extension, meaning you get better visibility into when the rewards are maxed out on each card. 

This helps you hit those rewards ceilings instead of just spending with an interest rate on one primary card, which doesn’t even provide points after a certain threshold. 

2. The Secret of MCC Codes

Another discovery we made has to do with the prevalence of MCC codes. 

These codes directly correlate to transactions, and every merchant uses them. Credit companies can then use those codes to categorize, track and restrict transactions. 

Customers don’t know that these codes directly affect how many points they get. 

After all, those relationships can be super specific. For instance: 

  • Best Buy has a strong relationship with Chase
  • Delta has close ties with Amex

By understanding the links between MCC codes, different retailers, and their cards, Kasheesh customers can maximize the points they get from different purchases. 

How Kasheesh Pushes Card Benefits to Their Full Potential

When you use Kasheesh, you receive all of the backing and coverage provided by your different cards for each of your transactions. 

That’s a major benefit that many of our customers might not fully see or understand. 

What that practically looks like is that every card has a unique set of benefits. 

For example, Amex, Chase, and Capital One all give you product protection for anything you buy. 

When you use all of your cards through Kasheesh for one specific purchase, you receive all of the benefits of those cards — combined. 

Let’s say you’re buying an electronic product like an Apple TV. 

  • Amex protects a part of that purchase, but they’ll fight you on the rest. They don’t actually want to provide every benefit they promise. That’s where we’ve got you covered. 
  • If Amex disputes your product protection on a transaction, you can still rely on Chase and Capital One as secondary and tertiary product protection options. 

That’s an exclusive Kasheesh benefit: way more coverage on each purchase than you’d get from relying on just one vendor or credit company. 

Start using Kasheesh!