How to Get Max Value from Kasheesh: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every Kasheesh customer, whether you’re looking to maximize points or budget more efficiently, should review your personal financial goals and tailor our products to your needs.

1. If You’re Looking to Maximize Rewards, Read This

If you optimize your purchases for credit card rewards, you’ve probably realized the benefit of high-ticket items – acquisitions like new couches or Pelotons add a chunk of points to your monthly goals. 

However, recurring payments, classically fulfilled with debit cards, can contribute to rewards as well. 

Essentially, utility expenses like electricity or monthly insurance payments can contribute to points maximization. 

Enter: Kasheesh. Since we give you the power to combine up to 5 cards (both debit and credit) to finance one purchase, you can gain points and rewards by paying off something as basic as your AT&T bill. 

That’s why the typical Kasheesh customer uses our product at least 13 times every month, which is at least every other day. 

How do we explain that frequency? Aside from the usefulness of Kasheesh, folks have figured out that there are ways to maximize the value of a purchase — beyond the initial transaction. 

2. If You’re Looking to Budget Efficiently, Read This

If you’re seeking improved efficiency with your budgeting, you can optimize how you use Kasheesh by understanding how it streamlines cash flow. 

In other words: seeing all of your different cards on one page can help you understand how to balance them. It shows you the big picture. 

Plus, Kasheesh provides spending flexibility because you know exactly when each bill is due. That way, you can spend on each of your cards while keeping those dates as a guideline. 

Controlling your cash flow and credit availability this way reduces financial chaos and gives you room to breathe.

Kasheesh Use Case: Work-from-Home Expenses

One long-lasting effect of COVID is how much of the workforce has continued to work from home. That brings new costs, including: 

  • Increased electricity bills
  • Higher-bandwidth WiFi
  • A home office setup

Even if working from home may save on commuting costs, it leads to a totally different set of costs — and a potentially bad financial situation. 

Kasheesh can help offset those unanticipated costs, allowing you to flexibly pay off a utility bill, a new desk chair, or some other gadget that’ll increase your efficiency in the long run. 

Overall, Kasheesh helps you take back control in the new, expensive world of WFH. 

Work-life balance shouldn’t be a nightmare, and neither should your WFH finances. 

Flexible cash flow means you’re less worried about when the bills are due and when you're getting paid because you can choose how you use your cards for those transactions. It lends a sense of financial freedom.

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