How to Budget More Effectively Using Modern Fintech Tools

If you’re looking to budget more efficiently in the US, you may be doing most of your spending between the 15th and the 30th each month. You get paid around those two dates, and your bills are due on the 1st of the following month. 

Improving your financial situations is all about stretching each dollar as far as it can go. 

On that front, Kasheesh provides a genuinely flexible combination of credit and debit, so budgeting is more sustainable. That means we’ll: 

  1. Help you avoid ultra-low balances in your bank account by making sure you don’t have to drain your debit card to make a purchase
  2. Make sure you don’t have to turn to maxing out credit cards either

Kasheesh gives you the flexibility to choose how much you want to spend on each card. This improves your finances and provides just a bit more wiggle room in your spending. 

That’s because you can truly stretch your dollars as far as possible between the 15th and 30th. 

As a result, you’ll get marginal savings and healthier credit card balances, which improve credit scores and empower you on your personalized financial journey. 

Everyone’s finances are different. 

A tool like Kasheesh works for you instead of forcing you into one blanket system. 

Kasheesh allows for a truly flexible system where customers can integrate debit with credit. That way, they're budgeting in a more sustainable fashion.

How Kasheesh Simplifies Your Finances

Kasheesh has provided (and continues to provide) two major improvements for your financial life: increased savings and credit scores. 

1. Building Your Savings

Many people are stuck in a vicious cycle of waiting for money just to send it back out. 

Every time you get a paycheck, it seems like you’re just emptying your account to pay off bills. And then you wait for the next paycheck to do it all over again. 

To break away, Kasheesh provides true transparency — not only into your finances, but also the flexible paths of alternative financing that are available to you. 

The best option? Mixing credit with debit breaks that money-in/money-out cycle. 

With Kasheesh, you can put half of a purchase on your credit card and the other half on your debit card, which allows you to retain half of the paycheck you just received. This increases your savings while lowering the overall transaction interest rate. 

This creates a dual savings situation: 

  1. Long-term savings — You’re paying less interest, so you spend less money overall. 
  2. Money in your savings account — Including credit in your transaction allows your bank account balance to grow. This starts you on the path to creating more financial freedom and independence for yourself. 

2. Building Your Credit Score

Unfortunately, when it comes to credit scores, most folks are missing some critical education. 

Many people think that since they’re paying off the minimum balances on their credit card bills each month, they’re not hurting their credit scores. That’s not the case. 

What really matters is how much of your total credit line you’re using. 

That’s why Kasheesh was built to help folks split their spending between credit and debit. 

We make sure folks don’t have to whip out their credit cards and rack up charges above the recommended 30–60% credit utilization rate. Keeping that rate down boosts your credit score. 

For customers in subpar credit score categories, we’ve created a system that helps them build their credit scores. A stronger score has incredible trickle-down effects. For instance: 

  • People can qualify for better credit cards
  • They can gain low interest rates on new credit cards
  • If they need a mortgage or a loan, they get better interest rates on those

All of those positive results build up over time to help you get better and better interest rates. 

In other words: You’ll be able to improve your credit score, increase your savings, and become a savvy consumer who maximizes rewards and receives the best credit offers and benefits. 

Both the benefits and frustrations of using credit cards are cyclical. 

We help Kasheesh customers break the bad patterns and accelerate the good ones. 

Kasheesh provides true transparency into not only your finances, but also the flexible ways of alternative finance that consumers can use.

Start using Kasheesh!