How to Boost Your Daily Purchasing Power Using Kasheesh

Step 1: Kasheesh Automates Top of Wallet Rewards

Using Kasheesh, all your credit cards can now be “top of wallet” at the same time. 

Your “top-of-wallet” card is your go-to for everyday purchases. Usually, people will repeatedly draw on that card to try and maximize their points, but that strategy actually has holes in it. 

  1. Your monthly rewards max out — Many customers don’t realize this. There’s also a limit to the purchases that apply to building points. 
  2. Using more of your cards leads to better results — If you include all of your cards in transactions, you would optimize their points better across the board. That’s because different retailers have relationships with different cards. 

That’s why the Kasheesh system brings all of your cards into the mix for every single purchase: to maximize the amount of points you’re getting with each transaction. 

That way, instead of focusing on just one card, you can focus on all of them. 

Step 2: Kasheesh Accelerates Your Personal Credit

Another part of the Kasheesh mission is helping customers in their personal credit journeys of building credit while making, saving, and spending money. 

This journey almost always involves applying for new credit cards. 

The issue there is that new cards typically have a 30-to-90-day window where, if you spend a certain amount of money, you’ll get a points-based enrollment bonus. 

Now, Kasheesh streamlines that process for you. Instead of going out and aggressively spending on that one new card, you can just add it to your Kasheesh wallet. We’ll integrate it with your other cards and help you evenly work toward that enrollment bonus. 

Basically, we provide a simple way for our customers to maximize points on every transaction — without the confusing process of figuring out which cards to use at what times. 

With us, you simply use all of your cards, all of the time. No card juggling necessary.

"Instead of focusing on one card, you get to focus on all your cards. This creates a system that allows for more purchase power in addition to maximizing points."

Step 3: Kasheesh Makes Transactions Effortless

With Kasheesh, you don’t have to dive in and analyze which card you’ll use for every individual purchase. Instead, we help you add new cards, nickname them, and swap them out at will. 

Next, all of your cards are stored through our web extension, which means using Kasheesh is frictionless for you. 

Before Kasheesh, many of our customers literally kept Excel spreadsheets or carried laminated papers in their wallets that they’d refer to to figure out which card to use when. Then, they’d have to manually enter that card if they were shopping online. 

Now, with everything stored in the Kasheesh extension, you can easily put in the amount you want to spend on each card. Using those amounts, Kasheesh easily generates a one-time virtual card for you to use for that purchase. 

Plus, you can view all of your past transactions from every card on our platform. 

That’s a big time-saver for our customers. Instead of signing in with each individual app to track purchases, your spending information is centralized under one (highly secure) roof. 

Get ready for effortless transactions and spend monitoring.

"Kasheesh is a simple way for you to maximize the amount of points you get from any transaction without the difficult process of thinking about which card to use when."

Start using Kasheesh!